Derek and Jamie on the town

March 17th, 2009

We were featured in the SF Chronicle this weekend.

Gallery owners reveal their Bay Area gems

Aidin Vaziri, Chronicle Staff Writer

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Jamie Alexander and Derek Song are the founders of Park Life, the combination gallery and store space that has brought everything from high-design housewares to lo-fi local artists to the city’s Inner Richmond neighborhood. They tell us about the places they like to frequent.
Jamie Alexander’s picks:

Triple Base, 3041 24th St. “This gallery is a real asset to the Bay Area arts scene. More than just a showroom, they are really building a community around the art and artists they show. A great spot if you are looking for affordable art by young artists with a lot of potential.”

Paulson Press, 1313 Ninth St., Berkeley. “This printmaker and gallery in Berkeley works with some of the best contemporary artists around. A great place to buy museum-quality etchings by artists like Chris Johanson, Tauba Auerbach and Martin Puryear at a fraction of the price of an original.”

Dish Clothing, 541 Hayes St. “They only place I can go and buy a gift for my wife and know it won’t be returned.”

Muni, 33-Stanyan. “Door-to-door service between my house on 18th Street and Park Life in the Inner Richmond. I take it at least twice a day. My 1-year-old, Hank, knows every bus driver on the line.”

El Burrito Express 2, 1812 Divisadero St. “The best and most affordable burrito in San Francisco. I’ve lived near the Mission for years, so I’ve done my research.”

Green Apple Books, 506 Clement St. “Best art magazine selection in San Francisco, and my favorite place to resell old books.”

The Other Shop, 327 Divisadero St. “Great selection of midcentury modern and ’70s knickknacks. My house is cluttered with furniture from here. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping here, too.”
Derek Song’s picks:

Oyaji Restaurant, 3123 Clement St. “This place is special to me because this is where my significant other and I had our first date. Now it’s our anniversary spot. I’m not sure what the term is, but this place serves Japanese bar food. Think Japanese tapas. Everything is flavorful but salty, to induce you to drink more. Our favorite is the monkfish liver.”

Richmond New May Wah Supermarket, 719 Clement St. “I do most of my grocery shopping here. Produce is always fresh and about half the price of other markets. Not the largest selection of meats and seafood, but it’s always super fresh. I think the word is out since every visit seems to have me waiting longer in line to check out.”

Los Panchos, 3206 Mission St. “Best pupusas in town. The doughy, cheesy, meaty goodness is great to soak up the night’s alcohol excesses. Love that the patrons are mostly neighborhood folks.”

Slow Club, 2501 Mariposa St. “I used to work upstairs from this place, which is probably why I even know it exists. Best burger in town. I think the key is the Gorgonzola cheese. Waitstaff is always unpretentious and nice.”

Super Tokio, 251 Clement St. “This mixed bag store is literally across the street from Park Life. I shop here daily. They have the same Asian-inspired snacks and refreshments as the places in Japantown but at half the cost. The only thing this place doesn’t have is produce and meat but seriously, they have everything else.”