Sadie Barnett exhibit in San Diego

April 6th, 2012

Our Friend Sadie Barnett is having a solo show at Double Break in SD.


Everything, All the Time, Always
New work by Sadie Barnette
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 2012 (6-10PM)
Double Break is thrilled to announce Everything, All the Time, Always, a solo
exhibition of new work by Sadie Barnette. Using drawing, photography, and
objects, Barnette constructs “a visual language system out of sub-culture codes
and West Coast vernacular, economic formalism, text, and abstractions.” Her
work stems from an investment in place and location, though it is the notion of
specificity itself, rather than any specific locale that she is most compelled by.
Projecting outwards from a place, say Oakland, California, she is invested in the
study of location, the “weight and content of the specificity of the local.” This
study begins in one place, but it can go anywhere. Specificity is universal;
Barnette’s findings are urgent. The poetics of her gesture and the fineness of her
line illuminate this urgency, these fragile yet tenacious binaries. It is within the
sumptuousness of brilliant, saturated color in a lush tumble of sneaker-laces; the
allure and impossibility of a sky made of glitter; the harsh perfection of the grid,
flexible but absolute; and the velvet, tactile softness of graphite that an
uncompromising yet generous commitment to the real and the specific lie. In
Barnette’s work, what is at stake is “the gravity of the urban as fantasy; extralegal
economies; luxury as drug; counterfeit capitalism; glitter as hypnotic; outer
space as head space; the everyday as gold, family, and lived identity experience;
and the party.”
For Everything, All the Time, Always, Barnette will take over the entirety of
Double Break–from front window to back wall–filling the space with a
combination of large-scale graphite drawings, color photographs, site-specific
wall-works, editioned multiples, and discreetly altered found objects. Furthering
her explorations of place and location through the specificity of the gallery/shop
context, Double Break–gallery and shop, local arts venue and regional/national
cultural space, microcosm and macrocosm–will serve as an “inset” of focused
investigation within the territory of Barnette’s broader personal and cultural
purview. In taking over the space entirely, she will highlight and attend to the
symbiotic nature of the gallery/shop relationship, creating a unique viewing
experience unlike anything yet seen at Double Break.
Sadie Barnette is from Oakland, CA. She received her BFA from the California Institute of the
Arts in 2006, and is currently an MFA candidate in Visual Arts at the University of California, San
Diego. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in San Francisco, Los
Angeles, and San Diego. Recent shows include More Real Than Life at Southwestern College
(San Diego), Last Time It Was Gray at Park Life (San Francisco), and Light/Weight at Zughaus
Gallery (Berkeley, CA). She was a 2011 artist-in-residence at UCSD’s Thurgood Marshall
College, and her book Plus One was released in 2010 by San Diego-based publisher Gravity and
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 2012 (6-10PM)
Exhibition runs through Saturday, May 12, 2012
Free and open to the public!