We’ve moved our Gallery to a new space in the Mission. Our current is AJAR, new works from Joe Ferriso -  Feb 20 – Mar 22, 2015.  3049 22nd st. at Shotwell. Hours- Wed – Sat 12-6. link

Please visit our new Gallery website for more info and a schedule of Upcoming Shows


Store Updates:

Park Life will be installing a store at the FOG Art/Design Fair taking place at Ft. Mason January 13 to 18, 2015.

We will be featuring select editions, merchandise and art from artists Tauba Auerbach, David Shrigley, Todd Hido, Paul Wackers, Tucker Nichols, Jonas Wood, and many others.

Gallery Updates:

Please note that our Gallery show are at our new space..  3049 22nd st @ Shotwell.

Please check the Gallery Page for upcoming list of shows

Current show:Joe Ferriso solo show. Feb 20 – March 22, 2015.

Upcoming Show: Casey Gray. April 10th.

Past Shows: Pakayla Biehn and Aubrey Learner – Oh Comely

Paul Wackers and Jessica Hans. Nov 21 – Dec 29.

Serena Mitnik-Miller solo show, S W I R L,   Sept 5. – Oct 5th.

Visit our shop for new items from artists Barry McGee, Tauba Auerbach, Chris Johanson, Todd Hido, Dash Snow, Marcel Dzama, Chris Ballantyne, Paul Wackers, Thomas Campbell, Margaret Kilgallen, Clare Rojas, Tucker Nichols, David Shrigley, Matthew Palladino, Ryan McGinley,  Jonas Wood, Jessica Hische, Barry McGee, Raymond Pettibon, Andrew Schoultz, Anthony Discenza, Todd Hido and many more..

Our online store has a small sampling of the products we carry. Please visit the San Francisco store to see everything we stock.

Please visit our Gallery Page and sift through our past shows to see available art works. We also maintain a large back room inventory and flat file of works that are not listed on the site. Feel free to make an appointment and drop by the store.

Publishing update:
We are currently working on a new monographs for artists Ian Johnson and Chris Ballantyne.