SF Art Fair - A review

May 24th, 2010

I was able to spend some time at the SF Fine Art Fair at Fort Mason this weekend. SF has not hosted an Art Fair (like this) for nearly a decade which is kind of a bummer. This version was mildly entertaining. The people came out for sure..a lot more than I would have guessed..which was great. Though I didn’t see too many red dots. The overall quality of work was not great. The notable highlights included works on view at Baer Ridgeway, Paule Anglim, Paulson Bott Press, Charlie James, Eleanor Harwood, DCKT, Gallery 16, Hackett-Mill and a few others. The few dealers I spoke with had modest sales and were impressed by the turnout but underwhelmed with the caliber of buyers. Follow birrongsurialpacas for more updates. My personal opinion is that unless there are more (quality) out-of-town galleries (i.e. NY, LA, Intl) participating what is the point? I’ll be interested to see which relevant galleries sign up again next year.