Headlands Center event this Sunday...should be good.

January 19th, 2011

Breaking Ranks: Human/Nature

Date: 1/23/2011 – 2/20/2011

January 23 – February 20, 2011

Gallery Hours
Building 944, 3rd Floor | Admission FREE
Tuesday – Friday + Sunday, Noon – 5PM.

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Opening Reception
Sunday, January 23, 2PM – 5PM
Members’ Reception 1PM

Reading & Performance
Sunday, February 13, 2PM – 5PM

“Breaking Ranks” in military usage indicates the movement of a group to fall out of line, allowing each person to go his or her own way. The Bay Area artists, performers, and writers included in this annual exhibition break ranks from the status quo to investigate the arbitrary division between Nature and Culture. The diverse media in the exhibition, including drawing, painting, photography, video, painting, sculpture, and live performance reveal the products and processes of culture as part and parcel of human nature, enough to make culture at least second nature for humans everywhere.

In the Gallery | January 23 – February 20
Dena Al-Adeeb & Sama Alshaibi
D-L Alvarez
Donald Fortescue
David Kwan
Nathan Lynch
Martin Machado
Masako Miki
Matthew T. Mullins
Jenna North
Jesse Schlesinger
Reggie Stump
Youngsuk Suh
Andy Vogt
Ben Venom

Readings & Performances | February 13
Elise Baldwin
Anisse Gross
Denise Leto
Qilo Matzen
Jesse Nathan
Alex Nichols
Matt Runkle
Sarah Fran Wisby