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Elle Decor Korea features Park Life

October 29th, 2011  |  Published in Blog

Luggage Store Gallery Fundraiser and Art Show Nov 5.

October 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Blog

The Luggage Store Gallery is Hosting a Huge Benefit Art Show Saturday, November 5th. Over 60 artists will be donating works to be auctioned off to raise funds for one of the most important non-profit art organizations in the Bay Area.

Donating artists include: Tavares Strachen, Mickalene Thomas, Paul Wackers, Andrew Schoultz, Barry McGee, Tauba Auerbach, Steve Powers, Clare Rojas, Cheryl Dunn, Os Gemeos, Neck Face, Titus Kaphur…and many more…

Devendra Banhart will be performing at the VIP Reception.

More details and Tickets available HERE

More info coming soon.

Courtney Johnson @ Park Life – Opens Nov 4

October 21st, 2011  |  Published in News

Park Life presents

See You Next Tuesday

New Paintings by Courtney Johnson

November 4 – November 27, 2011

Opening Reception Friday November 4, 7-10 pm

Courtney Johnson paints wild and gnarled women engaged in wild and gnarly behavior. The reckless figures in her invented world bare multiple rows of razor sharp teeth and glare with no remorse. She considers these traits through line drawings within her paintings, to emphasize an unresolved, half-in-this-world woman. In her current body of work, Johnson cultivates a sense of character and place somewhere between convention and fantasy, where figures are unhinged and consumed by impulse.

Courtney Johnson was born in Virginia. She received her BA in 2004 from Prescott College and her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2011. She is a 2010 recipient of the Murphy Cadogan Fellowship. Her work has been show at the Carville Annex, Kokoro Studio and Worth Ryder Gallery, all in the Bay area. Courtney lives and works in San Francisco.

Park Life

220 Clement St

SF CA 94118


Michelle Fleck review in Art Practical

October 21st, 2011  |  Published in News

Michelle Fleck

Sep 30 – Oct 30

by Christopher Reiger

Landscape art represents the cultural, political, and spiritual aspirations of a particular group of people. Because humans are nostalgically inclined and landscapes are forever in flux, people may often find it challenging to appreciate the vistas before them, instead preferring to wax sentimental about the past or to anticipate a gilded future. Michelle Fleck’s paintings, however, don’t offer viewers such pastoral panoramas. Instead of arcadia, Fleck foregrounds overfilled dumpsters, stripped billboards, and construction sites. These scenes are familiar, but nothing in the pictures Fleck includes in Somewhere, her solo exhibition at Park Life, indicates a particular locale. Because of their ubiquity, dumpsters and construction netting generally go unnoticed, and if people do pay attention to them, it’s scornfully. Fleck’s strongest pictures encourage viewers to look more conscientiously; she critiques increasing cultural homogeneity while calling attention to the abundant opportunities for aesthetic pleasure in contemporary American urban and suburban landscapes.

The artist’s sense of composition and economical handling of paint are strong suits, but in Your Ad Here (2011) and Coming Soon (2011), where Fleck’s line of sight is angled up at rooftop billboards or over walls, the skies read slack and the paintings lose energy. When her focus shifts towards the ground, however, things get exciting. In two of Fleck’s standout works, Blacktop (2011) and Repaving (2011), common road repair supplies—an orange-and-white barricade, piles of asphalt, netting—are vignettes in the center of the paper, their colors and shapes turned into lean, formalist bricolage. In Convenient Parking (2011) and New Acquisition (2011), stakes and nylon fencing encircle piles of sand and gravel, setting them apart from their surroundings  as if the materials were sacred offerings. By focusing on these demarcated forms, Fleck highlights the potential for aesthetic experience in quotidian settings.


Repaving, 2011; acrylic and aerosol on paper; 11 x 14 in. Courtesy of the Artist and Park Life, San Francisco.

In Fleck’s Picket Fence (2011), the exhibition’s finest work, an orange construction fence snakes over ground littered with debris. The crooked path of the fence moves across and out of the picture plane, calling to mind Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Running Fence, a 24.5-mile-long and eighteen-foot-tall white nylon fence installed in Northern California in 1976. Whereas Running Fence was a grand, Romantic gesture that questioned the concept of boundaries (e.g., private property lines or socio-political barriers like the Iron Curtain), Fleck’s Picket Fence is less heady and more utilitarian. She reclaims the fence for workaday service while also calling attention to its inherent aesthetic appeal, thereby ennobling the prosaic with her discerning eye.

Somewhere is on view at Park Life, in San Francisco, through October 30, 2011.

Christopher Reiger is a writer, artist, and curator currently living and working in San Francisco. Artwork can be seen at his website, and essays on art, natural history, and miscellany can be read at his long-running blog Hungry Hyaena.

Purple Fashion 16 in Stock now!

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2012 Pentagram Calendars are here!

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Someone should buy this..Tauba Auerbach up for Auction

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at Phillips DePury


Fecal Face Gallery is moving next to Park Life for a little while. Very Exciting. More info to follow.

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SFAC Gallery presents Passport 2011! Available at Park Life

October 3rd, 2011  |  Published in Blog

SFAC Gallery presents Passport 2011 in the Castro!

3rd Annual DIY Art Collecting Event Comes to the Castro

Featuring Easily Walkable Route, Original Artwork by LGBT Icon Dan Nicoletta, Michelle Tea, Margaret Tedesco and many more.
With an After Party at Q Bar!

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery (SFAC Gallery) will host its signature Passport event in the Castro District this year on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Celebrating a whole new lineup of Bay Area artists and cultural luminaries —including Chris Duncan, Margaret Tedesco, Dan Nicoletta, and Michelle Tea, among others—Passport 2011 invites the public to create a limited-edition artist’s book by collecting original, artist-designed stamps in a customized “passport” notebook.

What is Passport?
From noon to 4 pm, hundreds of ‘do-it-yourself’ art collectors will take to the streets, following a designated, three square block route to collect the stamps from the artists themselves! While discovering some of the brightest spots in the Castro participants can enjoy the people and small businesses that define the neighborhood’s unique cultural character.

This annual fundraising event takes place in a different neighborhood each year, and has quickly become a tradition in the Bay Area arts scene. Passport offers art enthusiasts an affordable, hands-on art-collecting experience while celebrating local artists and the vibrant communities that support them. It also serves as a fresh alternative to standard fundraising models.

Where is Passport this year? Who are the artists?
This year’s event in the Castro will offer participants the opportunity to collect stamps by 12 emerging and established Bay Area artists, including Elisheva Biernoff, Monica Canilao, Jaime Cortez, John Chiara, Chris Duncan, James Gobel, Pablo Guardiola, Dan Nicoletta, Alison Pebworth, Michele Pred, Michelle Tea and Margaret Tedesco. Favorite Castro outposts such as Café Flore, Unionmade, Cliff’s Variety Store, Castro Theater, the Human Rights Campaign Action Center, and many more will host stamping locations, each bringing their unique energy to the mix and continuing the community spirit of this newest San Francisco tradition.

Michelle Fleck Opening images..

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See all the Works on our Gallery Page

Go Here For more.

Courtesy of John Trippe at