Folding the Blanket of Time - Opening Friday March 14th

March 4th, 2014

Hotchkiss2Folding the Blanket of Time

March 14th – April 13th, 2014

Opening Reception Friday March 14th 6-9pm.


Folding the Blanket of Time is a three-person show of San Francisco artists Sarah Hotchkiss, Courtney Johnson and Maysha Mohamedi. One day Courtney told Maysha and Sarah a story about folding blankets after childhood sleepovers, chanting the phrase “folding the blanket of life” with her friend. Sarah misheard this phrase as “folding the blanket of time,” loved it and refused to hear anything different. Courtney and Maysha decided not to correct her.

With the misheard phrase as a prompt, Sarah, Courtney and Maysha present work blending abstraction with representation and hard edges with loose brushwork to create a group of brightly colored paintings and sculptures.

Courtney’s paintings delve into an uneasy alternate reality where the abstract idea of time becomes a pattern thrown onto forms like a blanket. Color and line combine into nightmarish results. If painting is a form of virtual reality, she creates a world just slightly off its axis.

Sarah presents new sculptures based on three questions: 1. What would the holodeck render if requested to produce art? 2. What makes something recognizable as a functional object if its purpose is unknown? 3. What kind of future do these objects inhabit?

Maysha’s playfully associative paintings depict recurring motifs applied to the surface directly by hand. When Maysha folded her blanket of time, she was transported back to a prehistoric era where figure models were culled from the local dinosaur population.