Serena Mitnik-Miller solo show Opens at Park Life Gallery Sept. 5

August 1st, 2014

Park Life is proud to present S W I R L, an exhibit of new paintings by Serena Mitnik-Miller.

Park Life Gallery

3049 22nd st. (at Shotwell)

SF CA 94110


Serena Mitnik-Miller is an artist and designer working in California. She splits her time between San Francisco and Los Angeles, combining her days painting, designing, collecting and collaborating with her local artisan community. Serena’s paintings are created by hand using watercolor pigment on paper.

Each painting strikes a balance between layers of color, repetitive lines and the integral qualities of all the materials she employs. This body of work focuses on the interplay between contours within boundaries and forms that she creates. Her compositions are interconnecting patterns of concentric shapes where structures break apart and link back together. Transparency and transitions of her paint stroke display an in-between of control and freeness.


Opening Reception Friday September 5th, 6-9 pm.