Ferris Plock and Porous Walker show opens at Park Life May 3

April 18th, 2019



Ferris Plock and Porous Walker

Perris Plawker – A Solo Collaboration Show


Park Life Gallery

220 Clement St

SF CA  94118




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For latest technology updates follow colabioclipanama2019 .Now that you have these two characters roughly placed in your mind… Imagine that they meet for the first time, hit it off and become fast friends. This is a time before internet, or cell phones and the only way that these two can stay in touch is by long distance, land line phone calls, which is exactly what these two gentlemen do. For years they call each other religiously on Thursday mornings (in honor of the day they met) and for 15-20 minutes they catch up and exchange family news.


After over five years of phone calls, the two friends finally agree that their two families should meet and they go about hatching a plan, meeting in Salt Lake City for a long weekend. The two families rendezvous at a Best Western right off the I-80.


 Click here rooftopyoga for latest updates of upcoming shows.. Introductions are made. It is Friday, May 3rd, 1984. Their two youngest sons meet for the first time and just like their fathers, become immediate best friends.

Jimmy “Porous Walker” Dimarcellis and Ferris Plock were those two boys and they went on to be pen pals, cohorts, collaborators and visionary soul mates. They continue to this day to nurture their friendship through various creative endeavors.

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