Ari Bird / Tendrils / Park Life Gallery Aug 23 - Sept 22, 2019

August 15th, 2019



Ari Bird






Park Life Gallery




August 23 – September 22, 2019




Opening Reception Friday August 23, 6-9pm




Park Life is pleased to announce Tendrils, an exhibit by artist Ari Bird. This will be the artists first show at Park Life and featuring new paintings and sculptures.

Ari Bird (b. 1988, San Diego, CA) seeks balance in the interactions between seemingly disparate objects, shapes, and colors through many mediums. Primarily a painter and installation artist, Bird lifts symbols from her surroundings to create new narratives. Her sculptural ‘props’, which are usually either comically large or small in scale, explore the cosmic and psychological meaning we imbue in objects.


Tendrils are the small curls cascading from vines and plants. They’re the coils of hair that wrap around your ears or get tangled up in your earrings. They are small, less noticeable offshoots; seemingly frivolous attachments. But they add beauty, delicacy and complication to our everyday. To honor these side-notes and to make them large challenges our perception of what’s valuable, questioning who makes value and why.


Bird has exhibited in galleries and diy/underground spaces nationally, and occasionally pursues curatorial projects. She has been an art educator for over 6 years combined, and currently helps paint and maintain the sculptures at Children’s Fairyland. Her studio and home are in Oakland, CA.