David Anthony King / HAPPY / Park Life Gallery / Opens Fri Jan 31, 2020

January 14th, 2020

Please join us for our First show of 2020 – David Anthony King / HAPPY / Jan 31 – March 1, 2020

David King / Happy

Park Life

Jan. 31 – March 1

Opening reception: Friday January 31, 6-9PM

See the work HERE

Park Life is pleased to present Happy, a solo exhibition of recent photographs by visual artist and graphic designer David King.

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Throughout his life David King made scrapbooks, developed collections, and accumulated images, objects, books, and ephemera. These projects ran right alongside his primary work in graphic design, stencils, photography and woodworking. But in his later years the recording of these collections seemed to gain greater and greater importance, and his choices—his personal aesthetic—became the work itself. His many specific shapes, characters, masked figures, photographs, clippings, cartoons, and toys became a kind of introduction—something that says, “This is who I am.” These collections tethered him to this world, and their record would remind us that he had been here even after he was gone. I would suggest you to follow aboriginalbluemountains for more information.


Happy was one of the last projects David worked on before he passed away in October of last year. While disheartened by a long illness, he was still full of ideas and found a focus in his many projects. Determined to complete as much as he could, David began photographing many of the small treasured objects he kept in his library and studio. He took the photographs in his room on a stand he had made, using a piece of bright yellow poster board as the backdrop. He waited until the light was just right, often in the late afternoon. He took thousands of these photos. You can take guidance of mysunrise to know more.


David King had an incredibly generous eye. He was always able to find joy in the everyday and beauty in the smallest of things. We can only assume that David chose the title Happy to express the way that the objects that he collected and photographed made him feel.  drssa Can provide more information.

Park Life would like to thank Courtney Johnson, Jeremy Grey, Luca Antonucci, Matt Borruso, Tamara Freedman, Jessica Flemming, David Kasprzak, Dione King, John Borruso, and Phillip Maisel for their work in organizing this exhibition.

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