Caitlyn Galloway opens at Park Life Gallery January 29, 2021.

January 13th, 2021

Caitlyn Galloway

Be In Touch

Opens January 29th, 2021

Park Life Gallery

San Francisco


What do we value? Who is ‘we’? What is ‘value’? Where is everyone? Are you ok?


Be In Touch, is a series of new works by Caitlyn Galloway. The show, which includes painting and collage, looks for signs of life in the ­­­­disorienting loneliness and individuation of late capitalism, specifically from within the depths of pandemic isolation. Using an almost-legible vocabulary of numbers, letters, strokes and symbols, presented alongside escapist collages made from farm seed catalogues, the series is a critical digestion of the prevailing social order that defines value predominantly through transaction, and less through mutuality, vitality, and care.


Caitlyn Galloway is a visual artist based in San Francisco. Her work, often informed in part by her training as a sign painter and her experience as a farmer, is an ongoing study of all that is alive in the city.