Night Diver Press and Friends / Park Life / May 1 - June 7, 2021

April 19th, 2021

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Night Diver Press and Friends


May 1 – June 7, 2021






Park Life


San Francisco


220 Clement St


SF CA 94118






Park Life is proud to present Night Diver Press and Friends, an exhibit featuring independent printing and publishing presses Sun Night Editions, Floss Editions, Tiny Splendor, Night Diver Press and others. These independent print studios will present new prints, books, zines, paper goods, and other artist editions. Based in the East Bay, these printers provide artists the ability to create works within traditional printmaking techniques:  Screen Printing, Relief, RISO, Monotype, & Bookbinding.


We are excited to host this month-long Gallery event that will highlight and expand artists' creative


practice while providing avenues to reach new audiences and collectors.






This collection of presses represents a cross section of a much larger network of artists, publishers,


printmakers, zine-makers, art book enthusiasts, galleries, etc. We selected these specific presses for this


exhibition mainly because we are huge fans of their work but also because we have worked on projects


together to some degree. For example – Sun Night Editions has screen printed the covers for some of


Floss Editions’ books. Tiny Splendor has let us use their Riso machines to print our books in exchange for


screen printing some of their book covers. Sun Night has printed transparencies for our screenprints..


The list goes on.


There is a shared mentality among most small presses of universal access that makes for a larger


network of tools and resources needed for printing and publishing. If you don’t have the thing you need


for a project in your studio, odds are somebody you know knows somebody who does. This benefits not


only us but the artists we work with and supports the networks needed for an art community to thrive.




Night Diver Press


Night Diver is the collaborative art practice of Peter Calderwood and Lena Gustafson. Night Diver Press is


our small print publishing studio with a mission to work with visual artists to develop original works


intended for reproduction and print media. We mostly use screenprint and risograph to create and


publish multiples in the form prints, books, and a magazine called ‘Practice’.




Sun Night Editions


Sun Night Editions is a print publishing house run by Yoni Asega and Drew Grasso in West Oakland. We


provide artists the ability to create works within traditional printmaking techniques: Screen Printing,


Relief, Monotype, and Bookbinding. Sun Night Editions concerns itself with sustaining and strengthening the diversity essential to an artistic career that is mutually beneficial to the artist and to their community.




Floss Editions


Floss Editions is a risograph printing and publishing house run by Meg Fransee and Aaron Gonzalez out


of their home in Oakland, CA.




Tiny Splendor


Tiny Splendor started in 2012 as a tiny collective, traveling around sharing our and our friends’ artwork


out of a small wooden fold-up gallery. We’ve since grown into two separate studios, one in Berkeley and


one in Los Angeles, providing print and publishing services to artists locally and from around the world.


We continue to pursue self-publishing and a love of ink on paper, producing print editions, zines, books,


apparel and more.




Contact for mor information.