Joe Ferriso - Associate - Opening March 26th at Park Life

March 24th, 2022

We’re excited to announce our new show featuring paintings by Joe Ferriso. Associate will be on view March 26th thru May 6th with an opening reception on March 26th from 6-8 pm. VIEW WORKS

From the artist:

All of the paintings have been made in the last few months while living at The Sea Ranch. I’ve also created a book to accompany the exhibition with thirty-five color reproductions and a bit of writing about my life and painting process.


“The Sea Ranch is a sculpture garden of large and small wooden boxes filled with people thinking, living, and creating in an otherwise sparsely inhabited stretch of coastline. As a community bound by architectural codes, there is a visual attitude to the place. The homes are like a saw blade cutting through the bluffs and hills, reciprocating triangle forms that both separate and blend into the natural landscape. Sometimes hiding in the hedgerows or peeking up through mounds of grass, the homes here exhibit emotional characteristics. The open eyes of the windows, peering over the ocean or deep into the woods, ruminate on the place. I try to paint their expressions, heightened through glowing color relationships of prismatic grays punctuated by pure bursts of color. This is the imagining part, to see in a spectrum of colors what is limited by grayscale and earth tones.”


We will also be releasing a new book with the artist..