Join us on Saturday May 20th at Park Life 12-3 pm. Ed Templeton will be here signing his new book Wires Crossed published by Aperture.

Esther Elia

Shraya d’Ashureta

Park Life Gallery

May 19th – June 25, 2023

Reception 6-8 pm Friday May 19th.

Park Life is happy to announce the opening of Shraya d’Ashureta, an exhibit of new works by Esther Elia.

“Shraya d’Ashureta” loosely translates in Assyrian to “the light of the Assyrian woman.” This references my crude attempts at lamp making, but also my earnest joy of painting Assyrian bodybuilder deities over


Nonsense Makes Sense - April 14th - May 14th, 2023

Park Life II, a paper goods and homewares focused extension of the Main store is open everyday 11-5 at 201 Clement St..right across the street from our current store.


Applications now open

Brought to you by Park Life, Colpa, and MSP.

Reproduction by Barry McGee
Limited Park Life Edition includes Hand Stamped Barry McGee Art Work.  
Published by Aperture
Limit 2 per customer 
This monograph is the first to collect the photographs of internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Barry McGee.
  Around The Corner, Curated by Jeffrey Sincich - November 18 - January 7. Opening Reception Friday November 18, 6-8 pm.
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh   Third Culture Kid   August 19th – Sept 25rd, 2022 Opening Reception Friday August 19th 6-8 pm     Park Life Gallery   San Francisco       Park Life is proud to present Third Culture Kid, new work by Oakland-based artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh.       The term “Third Culture Kid” was first coined in the 1950’s to describe the expatriate children of diplomats who created their own culture from a blend of their birth country, the culture of their parents, and the culture in which they currently lived. They simultaneously belonged to each and to none, but what does it mean to belong to ...
Martin Machado Cold Comfort   Park Life Gallery May 27 – July 3, 2022   Opening Reception Friday May 27th 6-8 pm     Park Life is happy to announce the opening of Cold Comfort, an exhibition of new paintings by artist Martin Machado.   From the Artist: Sometime toward the beginning of the pandemic I began a ritual of occasionally making plein air paintings at night. They were typically done around the time of the full moon each month and mostly painted from a beach or pier looking out to sea. They became little meditative excursions, walking or biking to find a good spot, painting with a dimmed headlamp, trying to keep my ...
We're excited to announce our new show featuring paintings by Joe Ferriso. Associate will be on view March 26th thru May 6th with an opening reception on March 26th from 6-8 pm. VIEW WORKS From the artist: All of the paintings have been made in the last few months while living at The Sea Ranch. I've also created a book to accompany the exhibition with thirty-five color reproductions and a bit of writing about my life and painting process. "The Sea Ranch is a sculpture garden of large and small wooden boxes filled with people thinking, living, and ...
Elizabeth Walsh   Soft Magic       February 11th – March 20, 2022       Park Life Gallery   220 Clement St   SF CA 94118       Park Life is pleased to announce the opening of Soft Magic, an exhibition of new paintings by Elizabeth Walsh.       Looking at the world of plants as a guiding force, where one sees their own reflection in the spirits and energies found in the dark spaces. These works attempt to interpret the power found in the natural world, possibly harnessing these elements as divine guides. The imagery hopes to stimulate internal paths that suggest ideas of revelation, self-love, acceptance and ...
VIEW WORKS HERE Park Life is happy to announce the opening of Jeffrey Sincich’s first exhibit with the gallery, OPEN/CLOSED, which will feature a series of new fabric and mixed media works.   Open/Closed is a body of work that aims to highlight every day, essential services and objects that often went unnoticed or were under appreciated pre pandemic. Shining a light on the things that helped keep our lives running during the past year and a half of uncertainty and daily change is the artist’s attempt to say thank you. Signs advertising constantly changing ...
Opening Reception Friday Dec 3 - 6-8 pm.   Jeffrey Sincich OPEN/CLOSED Park Life Gallery December 3, 2021– Jan 15, 2022   Open/Closed is a body of work that aims to highlight everyday, essential services and objects that often went unnoticed or were under appreciated pre pandemic. Shining a light on the things that helped keep our lives running during the past year and a half of uncertainty and daily change is the artist’s attempt to say thank you. Signs advertising constantly changing hours, window grates keeping people out while also attempting to be beautiful, and an ever changing landscape of businesses are all inspiration for this work and are a reminder ...
Bijan Berahimi Park Life Gallery Oct 22- Nov 22, 2021    View Works Header Body Footer is Bijan Berahimi’s commentary on digital life in the pandemic era of pervasive professional burnout paired with more time to think, feel, and gain a deeper understanding of oneself. The body of artwork explores the tensions between the positive and negative aspects of technology—and its impact on our daily lives.   Confronting the ways in which the digital universe co-opts reality, each painting reflects the constant blurring of lines between our digital and physical worlds. The subject matter is informed by ...
Gina M. Contreras Hey There Lonely Girl   Park Life Gallery 220 Clement Street SF CA 94118   Park Life is happy to announce our second gallery show with artist Gina Contreras. Gina’s show titled Hey There Lonely Girl will include a selection of new paintings and works on paper.   Artist Statement I approach my work with a symbolic perspective, painting melancholy self-portraits that are light-hearted and depict honestly my aspirations and disappointments with Western beauty standards and romantic prospects. I seek to produce and create an abundance of sexual vulnerability that reflects and accepts the physical space I ...
Next_Best_Thing_Poster_Design (002)
Risa Iwasaki Culbertson Next Best Thing Park Life June 18 - July 18, 2021   In the era of Covid, physical human connection became something more complicated and required a new layer of risk assessment for actions we once took for granted.   Next Best Thing is a series of felted wool sculptures that is meant to be visually inviting and approachable utilizing soft textures and playful colors. The forms are inspired by the parts of people and life we missed while adjusting our lives to conform to a new, precautionary, lifestyle. The materials used in this ...
print show
Night Diver Press and Friends   May 1 – June 7, 2021           Park Life   San Francisco   220 Clement St   SF CA 94118           Park Life is proud to present Night Diver Press and Friends, an exhibit featuring independent printing and publishing presses Sun Night Editions, Floss Editions, Tiny Splendor, Night Diver Press and others. These independent print studios will present new prints, books, zines, paper goods, and other artist editions. Based in the East Bay, these printers provide artists the ability to create works within traditional printmaking techniques:  Screen ...
Mat Gil1
Matt Gil Park Life Gallery March 22 - April 23, 2021 email for more info View Works Matt Gil received his BA from San Jose State University and has been exhibiting his sculptures for the past 30 years in solo and group shows. His work has been featured in several shows in both private and public spaces in the Bay Area, including the Bank of America building and the Oakland Museum of California at City Center. In 2005, Gil was honored with a residency at Kunststiftung Lutz Ackerman Bildhauer, Gäufelden-Nebringen, Germany. Additionally, Gil’s work ...
Caitlyn Galloway Be In Touch Opens January 29th, 2021 Park Life Gallery San Francisco What do we value? Who is ‘we’? What is ‘value’? Where is everyone? Are you ok?   Be In Touch, is a series of new works by Caitlyn Galloway. The show, which includes painting and collage, looks for signs of life in the ­­­­disorienting loneliness and individuation of late capitalism, specifically from within the depths of pandemic isolation. Using an almost-legible vocabulary of numbers, letters, strokes and symbols, presented alongside escapist collages made from farm seed catalogues, the series is a critical digestion of ...
We get new stuff in everyday.
Jonathan Anzalone of forest and shore   Park Life Gallery November 13 – December 31, 2020 We are happy to announce of forest and shore, an exhibit of new works from Bay Area-based artist Jonathan Anzalone. Anzalone will be showcasing a new body of work that includes paintings and sculptures of wood, plaster, cement, sand, and pigment. Forest and shore are ecosystems that provide the material and inspiration for these paintings and sculptures. --Forest: a dense growth of trees and underbrush, which absorbs carbon, supplies oxygen, and provides timber for our homes. --Shore: a place where water meets land, consisting of broken, sifted, and deposited sediments. ...
Chris Fallon Interiority and Other Objects Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA 94118 Interiority and Other Objects unites two groups of paintings set in distinct but analogous environments: the swamp and the home. Both places provide their own form of sanctuary to Fallon’s off-kilter characters. Some have been drawn to the swamp for clandestine communion, under cover of shadows and peculiar flora. Others have congregated indoors amongst artifacts meant to signify sophistication, but which instead project banality. Fallon’s people possess archetypal tokens of beauty (flowing hair, painted lips), but they are nullified by skewed placement and aesthetic flaws. In the tension between flatly-rendered people ...
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Park Life is pleased to announce our next gallery show - Esther Elia Khulta d’beta  -  a solo exhibit of new paintings. Esther Elia Khulta d’beta June 26 - August 2, 2020 Park Life Gallery View Work Here  Khulta d’beta roughly translates to “home food” or “food of the house” in the Assyrian language, Syriac. Khulta d’beta, a solo exhibition by Esther Elia, is a deep dive into the Assyrian identity through the Assyrian grocery stores and markets Elia grew up shopping at in her birthplace of Turlock, California. Assyrians are a people without a country, a ...
8235501494578739296 (1)
Please join us for our First show of 2020 - David Anthony King / HAPPY / Jan 31 - March 1, 2020 David King / Happy Park Life Jan. 31 – March 1 Opening reception: Friday January 31, 6-9PM See the work HERE Park Life is pleased to present Happy, a solo exhibition of recent photographs by visual artist and graphic designer David King. Check these out cmsmd . Throughout his life David King made scrapbooks, developed collections, and accumulated images, objects, books, and ephemera. These projects ran right alongside his primary work ...
We will once again be installing a shop at SF's premiere Art Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco.   LINK
We're open Every day 10am to 7pm.
  MARY ELIZABETH YARBROUGH   I'M FEELING EXTREMELY PASSIONATE ABOUT EVERYTHING  Park Life Gallery 220 Clement Street SF CA 94118 October 4-November 10 A new beginning! 2019.75! The future! Dramatic communication! Self inquiry! Top shelf tomatoes! No stinkin' thinkin'! Being on the wavelength! Taking names! Getting fit! Feeling lit! PMA! General positivity! Feeling feelings in CAPS LOCK! Body heat! Uncanny Valleys! The best of everything, squared! The BEST of everything! Wingdings 1 and 3! Super exceed! Extending her interests in language, cliche, pop culture, iconography, repetition and design, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough’s solo exhibition “I'M FEELING EXTREMELY PASSIONATE ABOUT EVERYTHING” departs ...
    Ari Bird   Tendrils       Park Life Gallery       August 23 – September 22, 2019       Opening Reception Friday August 23, 6-9pm       Park Life is pleased to announce Tendrils, an exhibit by artist Ari Bird. This will be the artists first show at Park Life and featuring new paintings and sculptures. Ari Bird (b. 1988, San Diego, CA) seeks balance in the interactions between seemingly disparate objects, shapes, and colors through many mediums. Primarily a painter and installation artist, Bird lifts symbols from her surroundings to create new narratives. Her sculptural ‘props’, which are usually either comically large or small in scale, explore the cosmic and psychological meaning we imbue ...
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Thanks everyone who came out we had over 12,000 people attend this year's SFABF. For info about next years SFABF please visit for updates.
Gina M. Contreras Sola Chola Park Life Gallery July 12 – Aug 18, 2019 SF Examiner Review by Matt Gonzalez   Park Life is proud to present Sola Chola, a solo exhibition by artist Gina M. Contreras.  Gina will be showing a series of new paintings in her first show at Park Life.   Sola Chola is a series dedicated to all the cholitas out there who lust, love and are lost. These self-portraits, some detailed and others left bare, are deeper than the surface level. Although inspired by real heartbreak, these portraits are about empowerment, self-love and overcoming all ...
PL interior6
View Works HERE Mark Mulroney I'm so glad you came   June 7 – July 7, 2019     Park Life Gallery 220 Clement St SF CA 94118   Opening Reception Friday June 7, 6-9 pm.     We’re excited to announce that Mark Mulroney will be returning for his 3rd show at Park Life.   Mark will be featuring an exhibit of paintings, drawings, sculptural curiosities and home goods that let you know that you are loved and appreciated.   Opening Reception Friday, June 7th with free hugs and all questions answered truthfully.     Mark Mulroney is a California native currently living on the East Coast. He has bad knees and loves his wife.   Please email for a preview ...
  Ferris Plock and Porous Walker Perris Plawker – A Solo Collaboration Show   Park Life Gallery 220 Clement St SF CA  94118       Picture a seasoned, mild-mannered assistant director of the St Louis Zoo spending the day in conferences about upcoming and innovative technology and how it will assist the average patron's experience at his zoo in the years to come. Picture a gregarious marketing guy from Sun Microsystems (located in the San Francisco Bay Area) spending the day in conferences in St Louis, pitching his company's latest platforms and the robustness their technology has and how it ...
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Martin Machado Hove To   Park Life Gallery March 15th- April 21, 2019 SEE WORKS HERE SEE REVIEW by Matt Gonzalez and Tamsin Smith We are happy to announce Martin Machado’s exhibit Hove To opens at Park Life Gallery on March 15th, 2019. This will be his first show at Park Life.   Being Hove To is a nautical term for having one’s forward sail intentionally backed to counter the pressure of a main sail. With the two opposing forces balancing themselves out, the boat essentially comes to a stop, save for the drift.  Used by some to ...
See you next year.
Lafe Show 2019 Flyer
FOG Art+Design Fair January 17th – 20th, 2019. Park Life will be exhibiting again at FOG Fair at Ft. Mason in SF where we will be releasing new Editions from artist that include Chris Johanson, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Emily Prince, Lauren DiCiccio, Mark Mulroney, Davis Shrigley, Tucker Nichols, Lena Gustafson, and many more. We’ll also be hosting book signings with David Maisel, Catherine Wagner and Janet Delaney.
templeton flyer finel
We are happy to announce that we will be hosting an Exhibit and Book Signing with Ed Templeton for the Publication of his new Book with Um Yeah Art, Tangentially Parenthetical.  More details to follow.

Ed Templeton: Tangentially Parenthetical

Tangentially Parenthetical is a selection of photographs from Ed Templeton's vast street photography archive—curated, arranged and then rearranged by the man himself. The next chapter to his previous book of photos (Wayward Cognitions, ...
We are stocked and ready for the Holidays..over 1200 square feet of new Design Products, Books, Apparel, Stationary, Art, Prints, Editions, Jewelry, Toys, and Gifts. We've got some new Editions from some of our favorite collaborators..Chris Johanson, David Shrigley, Tucker Nichols, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Jason Jagel, Lena Gustafson, Mark Mulroney, and many more.. Park Life will be open Everyday from 10am -8pm in December (Sundays Until 6pm)....
marina show web
  Park Life Gallery is proud to present Close Enough (How We Describe Books When We Can’t Remember the Name or Title), New Works on Paper by Marina Luz. Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA 94118   Opening Reception Friday November 30, 2018 6-9pm November 30 – December 30, 2018     When you are trying to find a favorite book from your childhood, or that novel you read for a class years ago and now wish you had kept, but you can’t remember any specific details, what do you do? Turn to the internet, of course.   Close ...
  Lena Gustafson Sound of a Bloom Park Life Gallery September 14 – October 14th, 2018     “Such reciprocity is the very structure of perception. We experience the sensuous world only by rendering ourselves vulnerable to that world. Sensory perception is this ongoing interweavement: the terrain enters into us only to the extent that we allow ourselves to be taken up within that terrain.”   - David Abrams Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology     Sound of a Bloom, Lena’s second show at Park Life, showcases a series of work which examines ideas around sound, time, memory, and reciprocity. The paintings were born ...
PL interior6
phone culture web
Phone Culture A Group Show featuring Chelsie Kirkey, Nathan McKee, Tara Booth and Pat Falco. Curated by Yarrow Slaps.   Park Life San Francisco   August 3 – Sept 2, 2018 Opening Reception Friday August 3, 6-9pm     Phone Culture, curated by San Francisco native Yarrow Slaps is the product of his visit to New York last summer. Out of his element, in a big city, Yarrow found himself people watching and listening to passing conversations while walking down the Lower East Side/Bedstuy streets. He began thinking the words phone culture, noticing everyone immersed in their pocket sized technology. Whether someone is walking through an intersection immersed in Instagram, or ...
Chaz Bear Show Poster
Chaz Bear Watch Your Waste June 29 – July 22, 2018   Park Life Gallery   Park Life is proud to be hosting an exhibition featuring the work of Chaz Bear. Chaz will be showing a body of prints created is his signature style; loose and immediate. Chaz has described the creation of these drawings as a type of meditative exercise or yoga with an URBNFit yoga ball, where his mind turns off and his hand does the drawing. Whereas ‘doodles’ are often cast aside as unimportant, or at best, used as reference ...
We are happy to announce the opening of Inside, Outside, Come Around, new works by Evah Fan. Please join us for the opening reception Friday May 25th, 2018 - 6-9 pm More info to follow
Park Life is pleased to announce that we are hosting  McFadden and Thorpe's 10th Anniversary Celebration. This legendary Design Firm will be exhibiting their work in the gallery from April 20th to May 20th. On St. Patrick’s Day, 2008, Scott and I started our first day at work in a studio that was just slightly larger than our own bodies, with one window, one door, and a minifridge. Now, amazingly, 10 years later, we have an incredible team that we love working with, thousands of projects have coursed through our hard ...
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FIGURES Ivan Uranga and Phil Goldwhite January 19th - February 18th, 2018 Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA 94118 Open Reception Friday Jan 19th 6pm-9pm. Toy soldier packs used to come with wounded figures. Some of them dead. Their predicament locked in plastic perpetuity. As kids we incorporated these cruel, yet honest, forms into our daily game. War is hell. Complex issues of good and evil debated by nine-year-olds. Eventually, the fallen figures disappear from the platoons at Walgreens, along with candy cigarettes and decent cap guns. The hunger for magic remains. Check now at  ...
This will be our 5th year at this great event/ More FOG Fair details HERE
We're excited to announce that Kristofferson San Pablo will have his first Park Life show titled DOGS PLAYING POKER - opening reception Saturday Nov 11 7-10pm. Kristofferson San Pablo is the Co-Founder of Vacancy Projects and lives in Los Angeles.  
Park Life Interior 1
Joins us for a the opening of Lena Gustafson's first show, titled Loud Body, at Park Life. Opening Reception 6 - 9pm.     Lena will be showing Acrylic works on panel and paper. For inquiries contact     Lena Gustafson, Visual Artist, Oakland,CA.     "My lens is often focused on the strength of femininity. I am interested in the private relationships women have with their bodies and with others. Much of my creative output is from the culmination of many observations of women being themselves, doing their thing.  My hope is that this work can be used as a mirror to the people from whom ...
marina book show image
Park Life Gallery is proud to present, HOW WE DESCRIBE BOOKS WHEN WE CAN'T REMEMBER THE AUTHOR OR TITLE: new sculptures from Marina Luz. Opening Reception Friday July 14, 2017 6-9pm July 14 – Aug 20, 2017 Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA When you are trying to find a favorite book from your childhood, or that novel you read for a class years ago and now wish you had kept, but you can’t remember any specific details, what do you do? Turn to the internet, of course. HOW WE DESCRIBE BOOKS WHEN WE CAN"T REMEMBER THE AUTHOR OR TITLE examines the selective and often cruelly humorous ...
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94107 Saturday, July 22nd - 11am – 6pm Sunday, July 23rd - 11am – 5pm Preview - Friday, July 21st - 6pm – 10pm The 2017 SF Art Book Fair is an annual multi-day festival of artists' publications. This event is FREE and OPEN to the public and will feature artists’ books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals, zines, printed ephemera, and artists' multiples. These works will be presented by over 100 independent publishers, antiquarian dealers, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. Over the course of the weekend, the fair will be complemented by a diverse range of ...
Park Life Gallery presents Mark Mulroney //Pictures and Explanations // April 14th - May 21, 2017 Opening Reception Friday April 14th 6 - 9 pm Mark will be presenting a new body of Sculptures, Paintings, and Drawings reflecting on nostalgia from his youth.   Detail to follow
Please join us for an exhibition of Photographs by French Artist Fred Mortagne at Park Life Gallery. Fred will also be signing copies of his new Monograph - Fred Mortagne (French Fred) "Attraper Au Vol" published by Um Yeah Arts. Opening Reception Friday March 3rd 6-9pm. This exhibit made possible by Element along with Thomas Campbell and Um Yeah Arts. Details to follow.  
Drought Resistant – New Paintings and Sculptures by Jonathan Anzalone   January 20 – Feb 20, 2017     Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA 94118   Opening Reception Friday January 20th, 2017. 6-9pm     Drought Resistant is the circulation of materials and methods that yields a self-sustaining practice. This practice is a hearty adaptation, consistently providing stimulation and surprise by honoring the intrinsic qualities of common materials, whether work piece or waste, found or fabricated. Each work freezes a moment that ordinarily exists as a fleeting glimpse. My constructions are as much about haptic engagements with tools and materials as they are about visual dialogues. Each plant is a literal metaphor that grows ...
We are excited to announce the opening of Serena Mitnik-Miller's new exhibition of paintings at Park Life Gallery. W I L D will open Friday Nov. 11 and run though xmas. View the works HERE. Opening Reception 6-9pm Nov. 11. Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA 94118 inquiries @  
We're exhibiting a series of graphic prints created by JP Stallard that are based on the Scots' reaction to Donald Trump. Opening Reception Friday Oct 21 6-9pm.   See more Prints here: FUCK FACE    
hahaha card
HA HA HA New Works by Katy Kosman Park Life Gallery August 19 – Sept 25, 2016 Opening Reception Friday August 19th 6-9 pm Katy Kosman is a 27 year old artist who lives in the Westlake neighborhood of Cleveland with her mom and her dog, Fox. Park Life Gallery 220 Clement St SF CA 94118 415.386.7275
Thanks everyone who was involved and came out for it - Minnesota Street Projects, Colpa Press, all the volunteers and Exhibitors. Over 7000 people came though to see it this weekend. Can't wait until Next year!!
Park Life Gallery is proud to present, IF I DON'T FIND THIS BOOK I WILL DIE new paintings from Marina Luz. Opening Reception Friday July 8, 2016 6-9pm July 8 - Aug 14, 2016 Park Life Gallery 220 Clement st SF CA When you are trying to find a favorite book from your childhood, or that novel you read for a class years ago and now wish you had kept, but you can't remember any specific details, what do you do? Turn to the internet, of course. IF I DON'T FIND THIS BOOK I WILL DIE examines the selective and often cruelly humorous nature of memory by taking, unaltered, ...
We are happy to announce that Kristina Lewis' show SQUARING THE CIRCLE opens Friday June 3, 2016 at Park Life Gallery.
June 3 - July 3, 2016
Opening Reception Friday June 3 6-9pm.
Park Life Gallery
220 Clement St
SF CA 94118
“As the geometer his mind applies
To square the circle, nor for all his wit
Finds the right formula, howe’er he tries”
Metaphorically, the endeavor of squaring the circle—a mathematical exercise that’s been proven impossible—came to represent any task beyond human scope—such as delineating the shape of the afterworld.
Firmly planted here on Earth and totally at the mercy of
We are excited to announce that we are co-producing the first annual San Francisco Artbook Fair that will take place at Minnesota Street Project from July 22-July 24, 2016. The event will feature over 70 independent publishers exhibiting art related well as a handful of retail exhibitors. There will also be signings, lectures, workshops, music where you will even be able to buy Soundcloud plays. This event is being produced by Minnesota Street Projects, Colpa Press and Park Life. Opening Reception Friday July 22 6-10pm July 23 11:00 - 6:00 July 24 11:00 - 6:00 1275 Minnesota St ...
Much thanks to the artist Jason Jagel for his beautiful new Mural at the Corner of Clement and 3rd Ave. ALso thanks to Supervisor Eric Mars office, The SF Arts Commission and the Clement st Merchants Association.
Park Life will be opening it's new gallery space on Friday April 15th, 2016 with a solo show from Mark Mulroney titled Mark Likes Baseball Part I.  VIEW THE WORK HERE "Mark Likes Baseball Part 1" is the first in an ongoing and sporadic series of shows about the history, graphics and social impact of baseball on our culture. Paintings, collages, wood-carvings, interactive sculptures and plenty of homemade baseball cards will be included along side written descriptions of the works. In an effort to communicate his enduring love for the game of baseball Mulroney has made all of the works ...
We're excited to be exhibiting at this years FOG Art and Design fair at Ft Mason Jan 13- 17, 1016. Park Life will be installing a store that will feature a curated selection of objects, editions, books, design items, and art. We'll have new editions and products from artists Todd Hido, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry Mcgee, David Shrigley, Jonas Wood, Paul Wackers, Alec Soth, Carissa Potter, and many more. More info HERE
GIFT GUIDE   We also have expanded our hours for Decemeber. 10AM to 8PM everyday (sundays until 6)
We are excited to announce our upcoming exhibit OFFCUTS, new works by Jonathan Anzalone. Oct. 2 - Nov. 8, 2015. View works HERE Opening Reception Friday October 2 6-8pm. Park Life Gallery 3049 22nd st (@Shotwell) SF CA   ‘OFFCUTS’ is a celebration of the by-product. Shop waste, materials that would usually be discarded, and found objects often yield shapes and color relationships that would be missed in their original contexts. By taking such overlooked objects, transforming their color, and pairing them with contrasting materials, it is possible to appreciate their inherent qualities. Those qualities could be ...
hido marina
Todd Hido and Marina Luz - Photography and Drawings. Park Life Gallery 3049 22nd st SF CA 94110   The Perfect Measure is a one night only exhibit -  on Friday July 24th, 6 - 9pm. A gift from Marina Luz to Todd Hido was the trigger for the collaboration between the two artists. Between their work, there is a connection that is evident but not spelled out completely, based on the mutual recognition of gestures and expressions reaching a measure of empathy with which they both identify. You can find their work on ...
Saturday and Sunday July 18 and 19 -  11am-8pm. Were going to be offering 50% - 75% of selected merchandise. Books, Tees, etc.. Park Life - 220 clement st sf ca 94118
We are excited to be hosting an informal residency and workshop for the Belgium collective Atelier Pica Pica along with Francesco Deiana. Duration - July 1 through July 20, 2015. Opening reception Friday July 3 - 6-9pm. Publication Release reception Wed July 15 - 6 -9pm. The Gallery will be open on Saturdays 12 -6 during the duration. Park Life Gallery 3049 22nd st. SF CA 94110
Atelier Pica Pica is Boris Magotteaux (1978), Manuel Falcata (1979) and Jerome Degive (1980), all born and raised in Liege, Belgium. The collective has a very distinct, personal and
Jug Life , New Contemporary Still Life. Featuring work from over 70 contemporary artists. Curated by Andrew Schoultz and Patrick Martinez. Featuring:Dennis Mcnett , Cody Hudson, Joshua Petker, Brian Willmont, Libby Black, Glen Baldridge, Tim Biskup, Ryan Wallace, Harley Lafarah Eaves, Adam 5100, Richard Colman, Dennis Kernohan, Michelle Blade, Hilary Pecis, Tracy Timmens, Ryan Travis Christian, Alex Nicholson, Andrew Martin Scott, Bill Mcright, Kevin Taylor, Alex Lukas, Ian Johnson, Jonah Olsen, Gin Stevens, Joey Piziali, James Marshall, Terry Powers, Kevin Chen, Erin Riley, Serena Cole, Osei Key, Beau Roulette, Juan Carlos Araujo, Kelie Bowman, Joseph Hart, Louise Sheldon, Louis Schmitt, Joshua Rubens, ...
 VIEW WORKS Park Life Gallery     Wave Pool New works by Casey Gray   April 10th – May 10, 2015 Opening Reception Friday April 10 6-9pm Park Life Gallery 3049 22nd Street @ Shotwell SF CA 94110     San Francisco-based artist Casey Gray will present a new series of paintings for his first show at Park Life Gallery.   The show titled Wave Pool, will feature Gray's “wavy” paintings that depict universal symbols of everyday life in a wavy or rippled motif that communicates a feeling of uncertainty or mistrust; a general cynicism related to the current changing socio-economic climate and related identity crisis ...
The Facebook Artist in Residence program is excited to announce the release of our Season II catalog at Park Life Gallery on February 27 from 6:00-8:30 pm. Come to learn more about the artist in residence program, meet an artist or two, and pick up a catalog. There will be Drinks and snacks.   All proceeds from the catalogs sold tonight ($20!) will benefit the Headlands Center for the Arts.   The catalog features the work of artists Jane Kim, Barbara Holmes, Jessalyn Aaland, Paul Morgan, Val Britton, Chris Duncan, Tucker Nichols, Kelly Ording, and Jeff Canham.   Who: You!   What: The Facebook Artist in Residence program ...
Ajar, new paintings from Joe Ferriso. VIEW WORK February 20 - March 22, 2015 Opening Reception Friday, February 20th from 6-9pm Park Life gallery presents Ajar, a selection of recent paintings by Joe Ferriso. These modestly sized acrylic and latex paintings on panel unfold color sensitive spaces. Visit bmtdesigntechnology and take a look of more such famous paintings. "All these doors leave one’s thoughts ajar. As if in wind or mind. What’s in there? Nothing, insofar as “art has no inside, nothing you can’t see,” to quote Hugh Kenner. But really, what’s in there, in those rooms the doors adjoin. It looks like ...
We are excited to be hosting Photographer Todd Hido for a book signing during our Pop Up Store at the FOG Art/Design Fair. Todd will be signing copies of his new book Hido on Landscapes, Interiors, and The Nude published by Aperture Saturday Jan 17th at Noon at FOG Art/Design Fair at Fort Mason.   Buy a Signed Copy Here ..or stop by the store, there are a few left.    
Opening Friday Jan 16th at Park Life gallery.   Jan 16 - Feb 15, 2015 Opening Reception Friday Jan 16th, 6 - 9 pm. details to follow
We are excited to announce that Park Life has been selected to install a store at this year's FOG Art and Design Fair at Fort Mason the weekend of Jan 14-18, 2015. FOG will be featuring some of the best galleries in the world; David Zwirner, Salon 94, Ratio 3, PACE, Altman Siegel, and many others.. We will be featuring a selection of Editions, Objects, Books, and Art by artists Tauba Auerbach, David Shrigley, Paul Wackers, Tucker Nichols, Robert Lazzarini, Jonas Wood, Todd Hido, and many others.   More info to follow.    
Welcome to Park Life's Annual Holiday Season Update. We've once again stocked the store with a shit-ton of new merchandise; Bags, Appearal, Books, Design Objects, Gifts, Toys, Artist Editions, Prints, Watches, Wallets, Stationary, Home Wares, Sunglasses, Journals, etc.. Including: - New Limited editions from Artists David Shrigley and Tucker Nichols. - Bags and Packs from Topo Designs and Alite. - A Pop-Up Shop featuring editions from the Headlands Center for the Arts. -Limited Edition Art and Design from Polite UK, Propaganda, Third Drawer Down, Areaware, Grey Area Foundation, IMM Living. -The latest new books on Contemporary Art, Design, Typography, Food and Culture; including publishers Aperture Foundation, Steidl, ...
Our New Gallery Website is now live. Thanks to our friend Samuel Shelton Robinson for the effort on finding the top web development companies to hep us. You can find it here at    
Park Life is excited to announce the opening of Earth Wizard, an exhibit  of  ceramic sculptures and works on paper by Paul Wackers and Jessica Hans. Opening Reception Friday, Nov 21, 2014. 6-9pm.  NY based artist Paul Wackers will be debuting a body of ceramic sculptures as well as new works on paper.  Wackers' ceramic sculptures offer a new dimension to his work, giving life to elements found in his intimately painted compositions; potted plants, objects and personal collectables, and abstract moments. Philadelphia based artist Jessica Hans' colorful, mishappen pots and sculptures are inspired by her love for plants, landscapes, and ...
Moanin' Moments Shift in the Wind image small
Park Life Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Stars That Shine Darkly, new works by Ian Johnson. Ian will be presenting a new body of Paintings and Drawings in Park Life's new Gallery space in the Mission.   Please join us for the opening reception on Friday October 17, 2014 from 6-9 PM.   Ian Johnson Stars That Shine Darkly Oct 17 - Nov 9, 2014   Park Life Gallery 3049 22nd st. (at Shotwell) SF CA 94110 415.757.0107
Park Life is proud to present S W I R L, an exhibit of new paintings by Serena Mitnik-Miller.

Park Life Gallery

3049 22nd st. (at Shotwell)

SF CA 94110

  Serena Mitnik-Miller is an artist and designer working in California. She splits her time between San Francisco and Los Angeles, combining her days painting, designing, collecting and collaborating with her local artisan community. Serena’s paintings are created by hand using watercolor pigment on paper.

Each painting strikes a balance between layers of color, repetitive lines and the integral qualities of all the materials she employs. This body of work focuses on the interplay between contours

Last week to see this great show! View the works here. Our current exhibit features work by Jacob Magraw-Mickelson and Rachell Sumpter. The show, titled Home Again Home Again runs thru June 22nd. Jacob Magraw will be showing embroidery pieces on cloth along with painted, gouache works on paper.  His paintings are vibrant slices of memory, the subject of which are left up to the viewer. Figures rarely appear, but their presence is everywhere.  Tools, monuments, and shelters litter the paper.  Each piece is drawn first in pencil to work out form and perspective then colored in.  The paintings are small and ...
Friday April 18th - May 18th, 2014. Hilary Pecis Crash Park Life Gallery April 18 – May 18th, 2014. Opening Reception Friday April 18th 6-9.   Park Life Gallery is proud to present Crash, a new series of collages from Hilary Pecis. For Crash Hilary Pecis presents a series of collages composed of large scale photos of high profile NASCSAR crash scenes that were cut up and reassembled in order to present a reinterpretation of the events. The reference scenes are familiar and widely circulated in digital form, and were chosen for their spectacular formal qualities.  Pecis provides enough information for ...
See images and details of the work on our Gallery Page. The show is up though April 13th.
opening night
It was a great time. Special thanks to Luca Antonucci (and Colpa Press) and Tucker Nichols, Dave Kasparzak, Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstall and Francesco Deiana for contributing their time and effort for the limited edition print give away. They went fast.
Please join us this Friday evening for our Grand Opening Reception. We are working with several artists to produce limited edition prints that we will be giving away while they last...including Tucker Nichols, Luca Antonucci, Dave Kasparzak, and more. There will also be Drinks and Snacks. Friday March 21st. 6-9 pm Park Life II 3049 22nd st (at Shotwell).  
Link When Jamie Alexander and Derek Song opened the first Park Life store on Clement Street nearly a decade ago, they knew they were taking a risk by moving into a neighborhood better known for its cheap eats than its appetite for left-field art and design. The boutique flourished in the Inner Richmond, ushering in like-minded retail spaces such as the clothing retailer Seedstore and eco gift shop Foggy Notion. Now the Park Life partners are hoping to repeat the formula with their second outlet of the same name, which opened this month at the corner of 22nd and Shotwell ...
Folding the Blanket of Time March 14th - April 13th, 2014 Opening Reception Friday March 14th 6-9pm.   Folding the Blanket of Time is a three-person show of San Francisco artists Sarah Hotchkiss, Courtney Johnson and Maysha Mohamedi. One day Courtney told Maysha and Sarah a story about folding blankets after childhood sleepovers, chanting the phrase “folding the blanket of life” with her friend. Sarah misheard this phrase as “folding the blanket of time,” loved it and refused to hear anything different. Courtney and Maysha decided not to correct her. With the misheard phrase as a ...
Open 12-7 Weekdays. 11-7 Sat. 11-6 Sun. Closed Tuesdays. We will be throwing and Opening Party on Fri March 21 from 6-9pm. drinks and snacks. We will also be giving away new prints by a select group of artists. details to follow.
Image in the Object Artists Include: Angel Jo, Daren Wilson, Peter McBride, Andrew Kontrabecki. Opening Reception Friday Feb 21st. 6-9pm. There is beauty in functional pottery in its potential to contain. A cup of tea, a homemade meal, a flower gathered from a walk all transform the object to take on a new image and role. With function, the object becomes a collaboration full of meaning, sometimes beyond the imagination and intent of the creator.   Image in the Object showcases the work of four artists in the bay area who use ceramics as a tool for creative usability. Each body of work has ...
Info: FOG Design+Art, San Francisco's premier modernism fair. Presented in collaboration with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this new fair will feature important 20th-century and contemporary design dealers from across the country and beyond as well as a selection of leading modern and contemporary art galleries. Furniture, fine art, and design objects representing design movements from the last century to today will be presented in a dynamic layout designed to complement the exhibitor offerings. LINK
Beginning in December we will once again be doubling our floor space for the Holidays..and this year we’ve stocked the store with more merchandise than ever before. In addition to the normal inventory of art and design related products we will be stocking: - New, Select Book Titles: cooking, design, typography, art, etc. - New Bags and Packs by Topo Designs. - New Design Goods and Editions from MAKR, Areaware, Grey Area Editions, The Thing Quarterly, Polite UK, Third Drawer Down. - New Tee Designs by Tucker Nichols. - New ...
Gallery Shows for 2014 January -- Louis Schmidt -- February -- Group Ceramics Show -- March -- Courntey Johnson, Sarah Hotchkiss, and Maysha Mohamedi -- April -- Hilary Pecis -- May -- Jacob McGraw and Rachael Sumpter -- June -- RISD Group show -- August -- Andrew Paynter -- September -- Serena Mitnik-Miller -- October -- Ian Johnson -- November -- TBA -- December -- No show (Holiday Retail)
order HERE David Shrigley, Politicians Make Me Sick Skate Deck.  Exclusively for Park Life 7 ply skate deck. 4 color silk screen bottom image, Natural wood finish on top. Dimensions - 33" x 8". Limited Edition of 150. In stock now. Scooter expert Jason May of MyProScooter reported that longboard by Quest are "quicker than most skateboards, and the ride is generally much smoother." Good thing is that both boards are good for anyone, and the designs can be replicated to one another.  
Saturday November 30. 4-6pm. Details to follow. Book signing, talking, eating, wrastling, etc.. the BOOK details to come..
Thursday, November 21st marks the Third Annual Clementime Microhood. We love the community and feel of the Inner Richmond neighborhood and can't wait to return! The Bold Italic and Google Local, in partnership with Park Life, are excited to bring you an evening of fun on Clement Street between 3rd and 7th Avenues. Well you can follow Best in Nashik to know about best businesses. Enjoy offerings from these amazing businesses: Park Life offers refreshments in the form of drinks and snacks. They are also
Tees available HERE. Limited Edition Skate Decks available soon..
These won't last long. Order one HERE Available in store on Sept 22. Issue 20, by visual artist Tauba Auerbach, takes the form of a 24-hour wall clock. Auerbach is known for creating work about language and logic through a variety of media. Her training as a traditional sign painter often informs her text-based work. For this issue, the artist designed the clock face and its 24 numerals. The clock’s mechanism runs from midnight to midnight, meaning the hands circle the clock once every 24 ...

See the work here

Rachel Budde

(photo: Ben Lobenstein)

Top 5 Photo Bookstores—San Francisco and Los Angeles

Article By Darius Himes Arcana Opened by Lee Kaplan in 1987 and
newly located in the historic Helms Bakery district, Arcana: Books on the Arts is a fixture of the Los Angeles scene. Photography is a specialty at the store, but the shelves contain far more, including rare and collectible titles on modern and contemporary art, design, architecture, cinema, music, and fashion.   visit retainedfirefighter for top books you want to read it. Long a favorite of Hollywood insiders (John Waters can regularly be seen flitting through the ...
Opening Reception May 31, 7 - 10pm. Park Life Gallery
Kristina Lewis Solo Show at Park Life Gallery. May 24 - June 23. Park Life Gallery Material Record introduces samples from ...

Park Life is offering a new suite of editions by artist Tauba Auerbach.  Email for ordering info.

More info here

Tauba has produced a series of 6 Etchings (Color Softground) with Paulson Bott Press in Berkeley that will be available for shipping as soon in June.

Each Print

Get your VIP pass HERE. We will Exhibiting new work from Tauba Auerbach, Christopher Baird, Anthony Discenza, Francesco Deiana, and others.

Potboiler, new paintings by Christopher Lux.

April 19th through May 19th.

We are excited to be hosting an event for David Shrigley at Park Life in May for the release of The Thing Quarterly issue 19. More info here. The event will take place from 5;30-7;30 on May 10th. David Shrigley will be in the Bay Area courtesy of Headlands Center for the Arts were he will be in residency this Spring.
We've curated a show at Ever Gold Gallery. Sadie Barnette. "COMPOSED AND PERFORMED" Sadie Barnette February 16th - March 15th Co-Organized by Ever Gold Gallery and Jamie Alexander of Park Life, San Francisco. Opening Reception: Saturday, February 16th, 6-10pm Ever Gold Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work from Sadie Barnette. “Composed and Performed” brings together sculpture, installation, and photography to support the at-once boldly minimal yet complex language of Barnette’s work, within which she constructs a visual language system out of sub-culture codes and west coast vernacular, economic ...
Park Life participated in Printed Matter's LA Artbook Fair. It was great.
at MOCA's Geffen Center..Hosted by Printed Matter, NY. more details to follow...
The Holiday Season is here and starting in December, Park Life will be doubling its retail floor space and doubling the inventory of merchandise. We will also be extending our hours and opening at 11 am everyday. Here are our expanded hours for the Holidays: - Monday through Thursday 11AM to 8 PM - Friday through Sunday 10 AM until 9 PM (Sunday til 7 PM) For online shoppers we are offering free shipping for orders over $75. (domestic orders only)

Gift Guide

We double the size of our retail store for the Holidays per usual. That means twice as much merchandise for your holiday consumption. Gifts, Art, Tees, Books, Editions, Design Objects, Toys, Stationary, Prints, Tech Stuff, etc... We will also be hosting a Headlands Center for the Arts Pop up shop at Park Life. Artists designed Merchandise that includes apperal, objects home-wares, gifts, etc..
Including New books from Chris Johanson, Jason Polan, Nieves, Barry Mcgee, and More. ANd New stuff arriving every day...
See the works on our Gallery Page

Some images here via

Park Life is proud to present What Have You., an exhibit of new paintings from Evah Fan.

August 31 – Sept. 30, 2012.

Opening Reception Friday August 31, 7-10pm.

Fan's delicate gouache paintings are narrative, poetical and minimalistic and sometimes puzzling. Her sparse and colorful compositions contain elements of nonsense, mystery, and whimsy. Fan tackles mundane objects and figures in negative planes throwing in elements of parody and irony that address a certain naïve humor. Her subject matter often mines historical details from Victorian and Egyptian eras.
For What Have You. Evah ...

Park Life Gallery is proud to present Through the

Park Life Gallery
May 12 - June 10, 2012
Opening Reception Saturday, May 12. 7-10 pm

Historical works by:
Chris Burden
Paul Kos
Tom Marioni

Contemporary Works by:
Mauricio Ancalmo
Guy Overfelt
Josh Short

Curated by:
Andrew McClintock

The Park Life Gallery exhibition, “(Invisible) Relic,” curated by Andrew McClintock, examines works by two generations of California Conceptual Artists working with performative actions and re-appropriated objects in a variety of mediums including video, photographic, audio, sculpture and performance.
On November 19, 1971 at F Space in Los Angeles, a young Chris Burden stands in the middle of a white walled gallery. ...

Anzfer Farms is a workshop dedicated to

Saturday March 3. 8pm. Free show. All ages.  Come. Live performance by Mattson 2. Park Life 220 Clement st. SF CA 94118
Follow this Link -  Artbusiness. Thanks to Alan Bamberger.
More Light A Two-person show of new works Francesco Deiana and Lafe Harley Eaves opens Friday February 24th, 2012. SEE WORKS HERE Opening Reception from 7-10pm. Show runs though March 25th, 2012....
Starting Friday November 25th we will be opening at 11am everyday ..extended Holiday hours. And starting the the Week of November 28th we will be using the Gallery Space for Retail ..doubling our space devoted to merchandise. More updates to follow...
Install shot. Images of works and other information available here. Look for an interview with Courtney on KQED's Gallery Walk feature later this week.

Park Life presents

See You Next Tuesday

New Paintings by Courtney Johnson

November 4 – November 27, 2011

Opening Reception


Michelle Fleck

Sep 30 - Oct 30

by Christopher Reiger

Landscape art represents the cultural, political, and spiritual aspirations of a particular group of people. Because humans are nostalgically inclined and landscapes are forever in flux, people may often find it challenging to appreciate the vistas before them, instead preferring to wax sentimental about the past or to anticipate a gilded future. Michelle Fleck’s paintings, however, don’t offer viewers such pastoral panoramas. Instead of arcadia, Fleck foregrounds overfilled dumpsters, stripped billboards, and construction


Park Life presents


New Paintings by Michelle Fleck

Opening Reception Friday September 30, 2011

Show runs September 30 to October 30, 2011

Please join us tonite at Paulson Bott Press in Berkeley for our opening reception of the Park Life temporary Pop-Up shop. There will be booze, music, food (Vik's Chaat House is catering). There will be shopping. See the new Tauba Auerbach Prints too. A taste: (Images courtesy of Dan Carlson.)
For Immediate release Park Life (San Francisco) is happy to announce we will be forming a temporary Pop-Up Store in Berkeley at Paulson Bott Press. Park Life will be curating the Store and Gallery in the Paulson Bott Warehouse space in West Berkeley. We will be featuring a special selection of merchandise that will include Books, Design Objects, Editions, Artist Tees, Limited Edition Prints, Original Art and more. We will be debuting new works and editions from artist that include Tauba Auerbach, Andrew Schoultz, Tucker Nichols, Clare Rojas, and many more. Follow oceannenvironment for more information. Please join us for ...
Thanks to our friend Andrew Paynter...
Park Life Presents

Unlimited Shelf Life

New works by Thomas Wold

Opening Reception Thursday August 18th, 2011 6-9pm

Runs through September 15th, 2011

Thomas Wold is a furniture designer and builder who creates sculptural furnishings that have been described as being “pushed to their functional and conceptual limits.” His process combines new and recycled material and seamlessly mashes up references from various decorative movements, architecture, graphic design and painting/illustration to form new hybrid furniture. Composed like paintings, the creations layer unlikely elements to form flowing and surprising arrangements that teeter on the edge of workability. Wold likens his design process to creating music with electronic

Please join us for the opening Reception Friday July 8th 7-10pm. Last Time It Was Gray

A two-person show featuring the

Last Time It Was Gray A two-person show featuring the work of Sadie Barnette & Ian Johnson Opening reception: Friday July 8th, 6-10pm Show runs July 8th to August 14th, 2011 Park Life Gallery 220 Clement St SF CA 94118 415.386.7275 Park Life is proud to present Last Time It Was Gray, a two-person exhibit featuring the work of Sadie Barnette & Ian Johnson. Bay Area artists Sadie Barnette and Ian Johnson come together to exhibit a new body of work featuring their respective styles; figurative elements that they inextricably link to their own versions of what could be referred ...
We had a great time this weekend at ArtPadSF @ the Phoenix Hotel. Was definitely a successful event for us and telling from the crowd that filled the place each day I think overall for most everybody else involved too.

Some highlights from the weekend: Being next to Ever Gold Gallery..those boys party and Mark Mulroney's work is hilarious..seeing Neil Young (twice!), Steven Wolfe's window display, Michael Rosenthal Gallery's Tattoo Machine, our awesome staff: Marina, Dan and Amy, Saigon Sandwiches all day long, frequent Hank appearances, the always empty VIP

This is happening

details to follow...

ArtPadSF is a provocative new 21st century boutique art fair that focuses on emerging and contemporary art from the Bay Area and beyond. San Francisco’s world-renowned museums, galleries, arts institutions, and artists create a vibrant and visionary community of increasing international art prominence, and an ideal locale for the debut of ArtPadSF.

Recognizing the need for an independent art fair to further engage and create new audiences for Bay Area arts, Chip Conley, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Joie De Vivre Hotels, along with

Park Life Gallery is pleased to present Metric: a two-person art show featuring the work of Dana Hemenway and Anthony Ryan. Metric: Dana Hemenway & Anthony Ryan May 20 – June 26, 2011 Opening reception: May 20, 6-9pm Curated by Jessica Brier Not unlike the way two old friends can finish each other’s sentences, Metric brings together the work of two artists who each pick up and extend the ideas and concerns of the other. Dana Hemenway and Anthony Ryan, both emerging Bay Area artists with outstanding technical skill, share formal and material concerns that effectively push forward the dialogue around fine art, design and craft. The work ...
go here to see the works from our current show
Park Life is proud to present Living Room, a group show curated by Joey Piziali and Vanessa Blaikie of Romer Young Gallery (formerly Ping Pong Gallery).

The exhibit opens Friday, April 8th, 2011. Opening reception 7-10pm


Deric Carner

Amanda Curreri

Liam Everett

Pablo Guardiola

Cliff Hengst

Scott Hewicker

James Sterling Pitt

Susan O’Malley

Josh Pieper

Josh Podoll

Lucy Pullen

Gwenael Rattke

Erik Scollon

Chad Stayrook

Kirk Stoller

Dan Tierney

Alex Zecca

Park Life is proud to present Living Room, a group show curated by Joey Piziali and Vanessa Blaikie of Romer Young Gallery (formerly Ping Pong Gallery). The exhibit opens Friday, April 8th, 2011. Opening reception 7-9pm Artists: Deric Carner Amanda Curreri Liam Everett Pablo Guardiola Cliff Hengst Scott Hewicker James Sterling Pitt Susan O'Malley Josh Pieper Josh Podoll Lucy Pullen Gwenael Rattke Erik Scollon Chad Stayrook Kirk Stoller Dan Tierney Alex Zecca About the show; Borrowing the words of Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, who recently curated an exhibition at Romer Young Gallery, Living Room is an exhibition that stumbles into 'broken lines ...
The show comes down March 27th.
Thanks everyone it was a great night that lasted in to the wee hours driven by the Thomas Campbell late night DJ Dance Party. Photos court...
Please join us for the final performance for Space Cake Featuring Thomas Campbell and Kyle Field. The Mattson 2 will be performing Louis Andriessen's Worker's Union and Tommy Guerrero, Monte Vallier performing a double-bass freakout. (8-10pm).
Space Cake featuring the work of Thomas Campbell and Kyle Field. go here
Please join us for another installment of Space Cake featuring the work of Thomas Campbell and Kyle Field...This Thurs is the release of Black Grass, the new record from Little Wings. Live performance. 7-10pm Thurs night.
Line-up of events for Space Cake Featuring the work of Thomas Campbell and Kyle Field -
Schedule of Performances for the Month of Feb and March:
Feb. 17th --  Little wings, Rustangs, Range of light Wilderness - covers night
Feb. 24th -- Mumlers variety show and Tomorrow's Tulips.
March 3rd --  Little Wings Record Release Party for "Black Grass" plus
Park Life Gallery presents Bitches Brew, new works from Kelly Tunstall, Marci Washington, Aiyana Udesen, Hellen Jo and Rebecca Ebeling. Opening Reception Friday January 14th, 2011. There will also be special peformance from the Wax Idols. More Details to follow.
The Holiday Season is here again and we’re once again doubling our retail space for the month of December. That means twice the amount of Park Life goods as usual. We’ve stocked the store with more of everything including design and art books, design objects, tees, art, prints,stationary, home-wares, cameras, watches, gifts and everything in between. Our Holiday hours are also in effect starting in December... opening earlier and staying open later. Also, please join us on Friday December 17th from 6-9 pm for a Clement St. Holiday Shopping night. We’ll be offering 10% discount on all purchases. ...
Just catching our breath after a crazy weekend at the Printed Mattter's NY Artbook Fair at PS1. Huge success all around. Tons of people. We'll post more images in a few days. (image of the Park Life space courtesy of Austin Mcmanaman) ..and special thanks to everyone who pitched in and made our NY trip  something to remember..Paul Wackers, Chris Ballantyne, Tucker Nichols, Tauba Auerbach, Sadie Barnette, Louis Schmidt, Marcus Lin, Marina Luz, Austin Macmanus, our SF peeps; John Hershend, Breezy and Needles and Pens, and especially Dan Carlson without whom we couldnt ...
We'll be exhibiting at this year's NY Art Book Fair at PS1. We'll be offering Editions, Books, Prints and Original Works from artists including: Shaun Odell, Chris ballantyne, Tucker Nichols, Tauba Auerbach, Barry Mcgee, Clare Rojas, Chris Johanson, Leslie Shows, Keegan McHargue, Andrew Schoultz, Dave Shubert, Simon Evans, Margaret Kilgallen, Paul Wackers, Orion Shepard, David Shrigley and more.. Come by and say hi. Park Life's space is on the first floor right around the corner from Printed Matter's space.
Park Life Gallery Presents Unnatural Plans A two-person show of new paintings October 22 through November 28, 2010 Opening Reception Friday, October 22, 2010. 7 – 10PM Unnatural Plans, an exhibition of new paintings from Masako Miki and Steven Lopez, is an exploration of the artist’s cultural identities and the influence that communities play in shaping these identities and the resulting narratives that define their work. These narratives manifest in paintings where intricate patterns and contradicting spatial elements such as flatness and illusion suggest a disoriented context, where dichotomy becomes integrated with visual reality. The ...

this is the book I have written for you

A text-themed group show

Park Life Gallery, San Francisco

June 11, 2010 through July 18, 2010

Opening Reception Friday, June 11th 2010. 7 – 10 pm.

This exhibition will showcase work by emerging and established artists who deal with semiotics and whose use of type and language is a reoccurring part of their artistic vernacular. The work in this exhibition will both conceptually driven, purely abstract, or may use type expressionistically.

The Artists:

Stephanie Brooks Dana Dart Mclean Michael Dumontier Karen Flatow Neil Farber Ed Fella Tom Friel Jeff Gabel Jason Jagel Steve Lambert Bob

Go Here
Park Life Gallery presents Habitat A group show featuring the artwork of Charlie Callahan, Jeff Canham, David Muller, Jeff Manson, and Serena Mitnik-Miller. Opening Reception Friday, May 7, 2010 May 7 - June 6, 2010 Habitat displays residue collected, constructed, remembered and imagined by five artists whose lifestyles weave carefully chosen elements conceptualized in an idealistic environment. Through painting, drawing, and sculpture the work seeks to join imagined landscapes with details of day-to-day neighborhood living and the allure of the natural world. The Artists: Charlie Callahan's infatuation is with the global diversity of sea urchin exoskeletons, ...
Clare Rojas has published a series of prints (Seven different Aquatint Etchings) with Paulson Press that are available at Park Life. We are taking preorders now and the prints will be ready in late April. Please contact for more information..images and pricing.

A few of them are up now in our shop: HERE

Pictured is Boundry Lines, 2009. Color aquatint, spitbite aquatint & sugarlift etching 43 ½” x 35” Edition of 40

Images from the Opening of Bro Palace at Park Life that featured a set by the best band in SF, Thee Oh Sees. See more images HERE and HERE. Thanks again everyone who came out.
Tauba Auerbach: Chaos

FORMAT: Hardback, 9 x 11.75 in. / 64 pgs / 60 color. Cloth Cover.

PUBLISHER: Deitch Projects


First Edition



Opening Reception - Friday Jan. 22nd.  7-10 pm

Park Life is pleased to announce our inaugural show for the New Year, featuring the work of Mary Iverson.The show will consist of smaller mixed media pieces on wood and


Park Life presents HYPERSPACES, a group exhibition of new works


Chris Ballantyne, Mark Mulroney, and Andrew Schoultz

PARK LIFE 220 Clement Street, September 4–October 11

In this exhibition, a trio of artists express their sensitivities to ecological and social disasters in solo wall murals and collaborative paintings—all offering fantastical, critical views of American landscapes colorfully ...
And thanks to everyone who came out for the opening!
Park Life Gallery is proud to present.. You Are So Balanced; I Don't Want to Complicate Things." New works by Christopher Russell Chris Russell’s paintings explore his perception of and connection with the natural world and his interests in a spirituality that is connected to the cycles of nature, an infinitely complex yet entirely tangible world. He examines alternative outdoor lifestyles that appropriate ideas from indigenous cultures and infuse them with an emerging consciousness of ecology. While struggling to embrace a tradition of nature-based spirituality, he recognizes the incongruity of ...

Alexis MacKenzie

"Never Be Sad"

Opening Reception - Friday June 26th, 7pm - 10pm June 26th - July 27th Park Life is pleased to announce our next art exhibition featuring the work of Alexis Anne Mackenzie. This show marks Mackenzie's first solo exhibition at Park Life and will feature all new work. Alexis Mackenzie's dreamlike collages intertwine the style of early 1900's Dadaist Max Ernst with a strong botanical element to create strangely powerful scenarios. Benign elements such as flowers, human and animal figures, and other assorted Victoriana graft together symbiotically in tableaux which seem to deal simultaneously with

Park Life and Hallway Projects Present: MUNDANE SHIFT SHAPE PLACEMENT Friday May 22nd, 7-10pm Please join us for our next art exhibition, Mundane Shift Shape Placement, featuring the work of Chris Corales, Andrea Myers, Matthew Rich, Brion Nuda Rosch, and Liz Walsh. Curated by Hallway Projects, this exhibition continues its stated aim of collaborating with both artists and participants in a series of exhibits, happenings, and exchanges. - A complete list of words in alphabetical order; Arranged Assemblage Boundaries Chance Collage Color Contradictions Cutting Form Formal Geometry Installation Light Material Medium Method Mundane Monumental ...
Attention Southern California art enthusiasts , Brendan Monroe will be signing copies of his newly released book at Richard Heller Gallery located in Santa Monica. We will also have copies of the Limited Edition Book (edition of 55) available for purchase. Please contact us for more info regarding the signing or to reserve a special edition.

Reception - Saturday, May 23rd, 1 pm to 4 pm

Richard Heller Gallery 2525 MICHIGAN AVE, B-5A SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA 90404 310-453-9191
Move:18 - Listen with Your Ears and Eyes Wide Open, This Time Curated by Rich Jacobs This art show promises to bring the viewer a little closer to that sound in their own head that won't stop going, even when it is quiet, wait - is it ever really quiet? The show is an attempt by curator Rich Jacobs, to bring a lot of different influences together, and show people that are open to it, that sound, noise and even music can all be neighbors. They don't have to get along, but they can be next to one another, ...
Please join us for a Brendan Monroe Book Signing and Reception at Park Life on Thursday March 12, 2009. The special Limited Edition Book (edition of 50) will be available to purchase. Brendan will also have original works of art available for sale. 7pm. Please contact us for more info or to reserve a special edition.
Opening Reception - Weds Feb. 25th.
7pm - 10pm Park Life and Noise Pop are proud to present our third annual group show featuring original fine art created by members of the music community. This year's show features an eclectic line up of musicians that make art.  Confirmed thus far: Alissa Anderson, Joseph Arthur, Bianca Casady (CocoRosie), Harrison Haynes (Les Savy Fav), Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy), Nate Manny (Murder City Devils), Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) , Sara Sanger ...
Drawing Club - Paintings and Drawings by 7 CCA Graduates Opens Friday, January 23, 2009 Bryson Gill Chi Birmingham Casey Watson Isaac Lin Jay Nelson Kyle Mock Peter Scherrer Rachel Kaye Park Life's first show of 2009, Drawing Club, presents a group of artists that met and formed a tight-knit community while studying at California College of Arts and Crafts, now California College of the Arts (CCA). The year was 2004, San Francisco, California. In the Mission District on Sunday mornings, Bryson Gill, Chi Birmingham, Casey Watson, Isaac Lin, Jay Nelson, Kyle Mock, Peter Scherrer and Rachel ...
Beginning December 1 Park Life is doubling its retail space. We are also extending our store hours.. We'll be open 10 am to 9 pm Fri/sat..11 am to 8 pm the other days. You can tell me if you liked this changes at Printsy .    
DISREPAIR Opening Friday September 19th 7pm - 10pm On September 19th, Park Life will host Zachary Rossman's first solo show titled, Disrepair.
Matthew Palladino Opening Reception - Friday 13th, 7pm - 10pm June 13th - July 13th Matthew Palladino's paintings allude to influences by early Mission School artists; colorful, flat, almost folky. From there his work diverges. His subject matter is raw, sexual, and violent; inspired by current media events and the rough edges of society. His shockingly honest portraits of American life expose all-too-real events in his ongoing narrative that tie his ...

Park Life Store and Gallery is Open 7 days a week from 10-6.

Instagram: ParklifeSF and ParkLifeGallery

Park Life Gallery is also at 220 Clement St. / Park Life Store and Gallery is open every day 10-6.

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Store Updates:

Open Everyday 10-6

Park Life  opened a second Location at 201 Clement Street focused on Paper Goods and Home Wares. Now open every day 11-5.

Gallery Updates:

Current Show: Esther Elia May 19 – June 25, 2023

Past Shows:

Risa Culbertson April 14th – May 14, 2023

Jeffrey Sincich – While-U-Wait – Feb 24 – Mar 26, 2023

Around the Corner – Curated Group Show / Nov 18, 2022 – Jan 7, 2023

.visit our gallery page for more information

Visit our shop for new items from artists: Tauba Auerbach, Alicia McCarthy, Michael Jang, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Tucker Nichols, Masako Miki, David Shrigley,  Barry McGee, Jason Polan, Jason Fulford,  Jason Jagel, Carissa Potter Carlson, Chaz Bear, Jeffrey Sincich, Jon Anzalone, Sadie Barnette, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Mark Mulroney, Marina Luz,  Lena Gustafson,  Areaware, Third Drawer Down (AU), Dusen Dusen, MOON Collective, CHUNKS, Colpa Press, Vacancy Projects, Nieves, One Star Press,  Apartamento, DAP, MACK, Aperture, Dead Beat Club, Coucou Suzette, Poketo, Banquet, Apartamento, Valiz Editions, Knockaround, Dad Grass, CULK, Homocats, TBW Books, The School of Life, and many more..

Our online store has a small sampling of the products we carry. Please visit the San Francisco store to see everything we stock.

Park Life maintains a large backroom inventory and flat file of works that are not listed on the site. Feel free to make an appointment and drop by the store.

Publishing update:
Michael Jang Broadsheet zine now available.

Barry McGee Reproduction from Aperture – Special Park Life Edition now available.

Ed Templeton Wires Crossed from Aperture  -Special Park Life Edition now available.